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Fourteen states vote on Tuesday, with Sanders aiming to pick up plenty of Democratic delegates in California and Texas.

CA Primary Election Results: Bernie Sanders Wins Super Tuesday – Bernie Sanders won the biggest prize of the day, but Biden carried the momentum, prompting Michael Bloomberg to drop out.

It was recently reported that Sanders didn’t try to court Jim Clyburn’s endorsement, which Sanders explained was because he.

How To Calculate DMV Vehicle Registration Fees In California - Fastest and Easiest WayTrump is about to troll Joe Biden in his hometown — and in a part of Pa. where Democrats are on defense – “They’re losing elections, they’re losing voters.

. In counties like mine where they have us outnumbered pretty dramatically, we’re coming closer than we have in a very long time,” said Lance.

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California’s Dec. 26 deadline to get off the ballot. No one is allowed to cast a second ballot, so anyone who’s already voted via mail.

Olivia Elder, 23, said that while she and her friends are civically engaged, “we all tried so hard to request ballots or take time off work to wait in long lines.

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